Whether your meeting is national or international, formal or informal, it is unlikely to achieve the best results if there are language and cultural barriers. Our rich experience and specialization in Chinese interpretation allow us to offer you the best quality at facilitating such meetings, and can provide a sensitive, precise and diplomatic Chinese interpreting service.

We can provide Chinese interpretation services for major business sectors:

    * Travel and tourism

    * Hospitality and catering

    * Entertainment

    * Finance and banking

    * Retail and wholesale

    * Manufacturing

    * Engineering

    * Telecommunications

    * Law

Type of Chinese interpretation

Simultaneous Chinese Interpretation

The interpreter listens to the speaker via headphones and translates his/her speech immediately into the target language without pauses. This approach is appropriate for conferences and speeches that involve a large audience.

Consecutive Interpretation

The interpreter takes notes in a special kind of shorthand during the speech and then gives their translation at the end from memory. This approach is appropriate for speeches and addresses at events such as receptions and banquets.

Whispered Interpretation

The interpreter sits next to the listener and whispers the translation virtually simultaneously with the speech. This is suitable for events involving fewer listeners, such as a one-to-one encounter.

Core strengths-Chinese Interpretation

Conference interpreting

Conventions, sales meetings, training sessions, board and committee meetings, annual meetings and press conferences...

Escort interpretation

Our interpreter can accompany clients to meetings, interviews, press conferences, dinners and all kinds of official and unofficial functions when informal and instantaneous interpreting services might be required.

Court interpretation

We can provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for both the court room and the boardroom.