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Quick Mandarin's success lies in ... speedy refining of Mandarin-teaching methods...

I have been taking Mandarin lessons with Yao for the past six months. I am amazed at how much progress has been made in such a short time. Yao's teaching theory makes learning Mandarin virtually simple. He individualizes each lesson to my needs and makes me feel very confident in my knowledge of the language. In the past, I studied by myself and was left with a vast repertoire of words but few language skills. I now have the skills to have a conversation and moreover the confidence to make it happen. Thanks Yao!

Amy Pearlman
Medical Business Owner

What an incredible introduction to the Chinese culture. Ni hao ma? Yao only speaks Chinese to us, from the start. Which made for interesting first sessions. It is an amazing feeling to start to understand words in Chinese. He kept on telling us: 'people WILL understand when you speak', and apparently they do! Learn Chinese, open up to a completely different culture. Everything is different! Yao will be a good guide.

Samuel Hailu Cross
MBA 2006 Columbia Business School

Yao is a highly professional and passionate teacher. I like the integrity of his approach because he ensured that I solidly knew the fundamentals of Mandarin before moving on to more complex structures. He had a natural way of learning my style of language learning, which made a huge difference in embracing Mandarin concepts. I left every lesson with something to feel good about – and now I’m speaking Chinese!

Julius Roberge
Managing Director, Verbal Identity, Interbrand Corporation

Yao Mandarin's Mandarin Quick Learn class makes learning fan and demystifies the Mandarin Chinese language. The instructor's ability to move an entire group with various aptitudes is excellent. The pace is fast and effective!

Helen Wu

I've studied Mandarin before, so speaking from experience, Yao Zhang is a great teacher. He really knows how to tailor the curriculum and teaching methods to the student's experience and goals.

Benjamin Witt
Columbia Business School MBA 2006