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(Quick Mandarin) making China Accessible for business...clients include senior and mid-level executives from Fortunes 100 companies...

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Quick Mandarin's success lies in ... speedy refining of Mandarin-teaching methods...

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Chinese is a complex language. When it's the business and corporate image at stake, you just can't affort to risk. We are the expert in this field and our satisfied customers include many Fortune 500 companies.

You have no doubt read manuals for electrical products from overseas where the translation is either very funny or plain embarrassing. The quality of a translation is a great reflection of the quality of an organization.

If your company is going to the effort to market or communicate in the Chinese speaking market then it is vital the message and the materials you present to your customers sounds natural and effective. Many translations are accurate, but fail because they don't make contextual or cultural sense.

Quick Mandarin produces quality Chinese translations that provide effective remarketing of your statements to your Chinese customers.

At Quick Mandarin, we offer a whole range of Chinese language services to meet your business needs:

- Proposal
- Financial Statement
- Contract
- Business card
- Catalog
- Manual
- Packaging
- Advertising
- Website localization
- Naming, Verbal Identity
- and more...

To obtain an obligation free Chinese translation quote, simply email your document to:

Please include your deadline and contact information. We will get back to you with our price quote in hours.

We can receive and deliver your work in almost any format:

- Powerpoint (PPT)
- Word
- Adobe Indesign
- Excel
- Email
- Website / Html