Mandarin Quick DiscoverTM (MQD)is a 4 session long introductory Chinese tutoring program dedicated to absolute beginner. Students following this program will start discovering Pinyin(the pronunciation system), and obtain a good understanding of the basic structure of modern Chinese while initialize themselves to Chinese characters.

The objective of Mandarin Quick Discover(MQD) Chinese tutoring program is to help you gaining an overview of the Chinese language and to develop your interest before you are ready to carry yourself to anther level of dedication and longer term of engagement.

The MQD program last 4 weeks at a rate of one session(2 units of 45mins) per week. Or 2 weeks at a rate of two sessions per week. Classes can start at anytime during the year with flexible daytime and evening schedules.

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Mandarin Quick LearnTM Program (Chinese tutoring services available) is a unique program developed to help absolute beginner learn essential Mandarin in around 30 hours.

Mandarin Quick LearnTM (Chinese tutoring available) will enable you to communicate in real life, regardless of whether your purpose is to do business, to travel, or just to study out of interest. The vocabulary used is as 'everyday' as it could be, and it is applied in situations which are common and natural in today's China. This course maintains the principle of teaching only what is truly essential for a firm grasp of practical, up-to-date Chinese.

The exercises are designed to ensure that you remember what you have read and can apply it immediately. Our accelerated teaching system will greatly help to shorten the time you spend memorizing. If you conscientiously follow our program and spend the required time, you will be able to communicate in Chinese with just 30 hours of training.

The program lasts 2 months at a rate of two classes(1h30 each class) per week. Classes can start at anytime during the year with flexible daytime and evening schedules.

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If you have intermediate or advanced level in Mandarin Chinese and you want to improve your skills, or you want to restart after a short or long break, or maybe you are in fact some how a frustrated learner and stuck somewhere without being able to move forward, you should come to us. We offer you tailored curriculum helping you achieve your goal.

If you feel you understand better than you are understood... that’s often because your pronunciation and/or intonation betrayed you! Frustration is useless, Mandarin Quick AccentSM is an accent reduction course specially designed Chinese tutoring program for you. The Pinyin system will be revisited; and the “four tones” are not created equal, with us, it’s a piece of cake, promised! (Highly recommended to Cantonese speakers)

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